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Bio: Where to start??? Well I trained as a fashion designer in London and worked freelance for a few years. Quite by chance, I managed to get some work in the wardrobe department on a film at Shepperton Studios. It was "Flash Gordon" and I was smitten by the film bug. That was it and I was hooked! Making sure that my costume knowledge was more comprehensive I worked for Angels Costumiers, The Royal Opera House Covent Garden and BBC at White City. After this time, I was very fortunate to be accepted into the film industry after doing my test on the film 'Brazil' nowadays you don't need a film ticket, but you did then. Don't ask how many years back. It's been a wonderful career in Costume and Wardrobe. I loved working on Kenneth Branagh's Henry V and Christopher Reeves last Superman film and various commercials. The children’s series 'Fimbles' for the BBC where I had a fantastic job as a set dresser and art department assistant making giant soft props, painting and experimenting with all kinds of fabrics was a fab production. I like to experiment/design anything from bridal tiaras, bouquets, giant floral displays to jewellery, cushions and anything that catches my imagination. This keeps me going and artistically makes me who I am. My work for a company in South Wales as a prototype designer for solar panels in clothing and its applications for pockets and bags has pushed my limits even further. But at heart I am a costume/wardrobe professional and always will be.

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